Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Ex-Christian view on gay marriage

I found this and noticed that I did not post it, so by request from a special friend with some skin in the game, here ya go.

My exChristian view on gay marriage

Seeing a Facebook post today prompted this.  I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about gay marriage.   It seems to me in our society of broken homes and single parents, we would support any union that fought to stay whole.   Having spent most of my young life as a Christian, I remember hearing how important a family unit was.   So when I got divorced I was sure I was contributing to the decline of society.  

Now many years later I look back and have a hard time seeing why it is that any Christian would have an issue with gay marriage.   It seems to me that Christians are taught to live a life like Christ.  I don’t remember him being hateful to anyone because of who they love.  Christians are taught to lead by example and to share the Word, not stand in the way of other’s lives and beliefs.  

The Christian’s are hijacking the Constitution to bend it to their ideals.  “All men are created equal” was not a joke.  It was not a suggestion.  It is the law of the land.   I don’t think we need a law I just think people need to get over it.  If you are religious, fine.  Go see clergy to seal your vows.   If you are not then don’t.   Marriage in modern America is a legal institution.  It gives you rights and protections that living together does not.   So why would anyone want to deny this to another human being?

If two gay people get married how does that affect you?  The answer is simple, it does not.  If you are doing your best to live a good life and be “Christ-like”  then your only option is to live a godly life.  To be a living example of His love.  To love everyone and turn the other cheek.  These are the lessons I remember from my time in the church.  

There is no good reason to deny others a right you have.