Thursday, November 7, 2013

Seasons Change

So here we are at the change of seasons again.   Changing of the summer to the winter clothes.  Time to work on planning Thanksgiving, Yule shopping and winter baking. Time to send my son on his fall trip to my mom’s house.  Let us not forget our 30 days of thankful on Facebook.

I love Autumn.  I love the weather, the colors and smells.  I love my fuzzy socks and jammies, and the cooler weather.   I do NOT like the weather change.   As someone who lives with Fibromyalgia the weather change brings on PAIN.  Pain for weeks until the weather stabilizes.  So I am in my loose clothes and praying for the bipolar weather to end.

Caleb has turned 12. YIKES.  My last baby is a tween.  We are doing well in school, so he is in the middle of a two week trip to his Nana’s house,  where he gets two weeks of time to relax and I get to try to rest up for our next few months of school.   

I have my menu planned for Thanksgiving and I am working on my Yule presents. Every year I swear I will be ready; one of these years I will be.  I enjoy this stuff: cooking big family meals, planning to have the family all together for the holiday.  This brings me joy and peace.

So I am on the bandwagon and doing the 30 days of thankful on Facebook.  What I have discovered in doing this, is that people have no idea what it is to be truly thankful.  Not to say that is everyone is off base; it bothers me to see how shallow some people really are.   I need to let this go.  Go outside and ground myself by looking at the beautiful colors.

I am excited to get over this flare so I can do some baking and enjoy this season.   I try not to dwell on the few weeks of pain but on how great things will be when it passes and I can enjoy this, my favorite season.

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