Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Annual Not Christan At Christmas Post

I am feeling a bit battered this week: my husband is out of town, my schedule is in a tailspin, and I am pretty sure I am out of clean clothes.  Despite this fact I am still hanging in there getting things done. I am sure by the end of the week I will have achieved some sort of equilibrium.   

I am decking my halls, and buying my gifts.  I did make a list and checked it four times and still forgot something somewhere.  I am sure my lack of decisions will be an issue on the night before the big dinner.  

On a good year it takes some big motivation to get my “Christmas mojo” going.  Not being Christian, I find some of the trappings do elude me.  However, I seem to get it together somehow.  This year I seem to be dealing with a bit of depression and, worse still, a huge dose of apathy.

Still, I do like to make the dinner for my family and kids.  I put up the tree to remind me that the sun is returning. Soon the days will get longer and we will have more light.  I burn a yule log in my hearth and enjoy the fact that I can pull it now off my own property.

My family is accepting of my rituals and rites, odd though they may be.  My husband is a trooper and even helps me.  I am a happy Pagan with a family I love and friends who accept me the way I am.  

So, I embrace a little Christmas for them and they are learning to embrace the Solstice traditions that I add to their celebration.  I still do my rituals on the proper day, but bringing some of my celebrations to theirs really has made this a less stressful time for me.  It helps me stay grounded.  

I am blessed by the Goddess with family and friends.  Doubly so for my amazing husband who stands at my side. Together we make a team that is darn near unstoppable. I am still learning each year to embrace my beliefs to own my path.

To each of you and yours… Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, a blessed Winter Solstice, Happy Holidays or just good day to you.  Enjoy each day, for you can only live it once.

Bright Blessings
Heather Garcia.

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