Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Insomnia induced babble

Well guess I should make use of my insomnia and blog. I have been gone for a while I got burnt out after keeping up a three blog a week schedule for a local group I was volunteering with. So I am back in the saddle so to speak.

Still working on my weight loss. I think I am a member of every weight loss site in existence. Funny thing is the biggest support I get is not from my online life but from my home, where is should come from. My husband is amazing and supportive with gentle reminders and lots of praise. My kids are good about letting me do my thing. My 10yo son is super supportive and gets upset when I say I am fat.

The amazing thing is I am keeping up the effort even with a months long plateau. I have lost 40lbs and seem to be stuck, but I have upped my exercise and increased my calorie intake, I know seems counter-intuitive, and I am sure that the changes I have made will kick start my weight loss again.

I am getting ready to start the 6th grade with my son, so this is an amazing time. He is so bright and seems to have a grasp far beyond his years about what is going on with current events. Guess that comes with having a news junkie for a mom.

With my daughter graduating from High School in June, the speed at which the days fly seems faster all the time. I am hoping I will have time to add to my blog more frequently now that I have no other blogging obligations.  

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