Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Remember Freedom - 4th of July

I can remember, it was not that long ago when you could eat what you wanted.  Now don’t get me wrong, the Dr. would yell but what you ate was your business.  If you choose to eat junk you would die early… that was it.   There were no rules and regulations to keep you from your beloved junk food. 

I can remember, the not too distant past, when you could board a plane with a bottle of water and not have to remove your shoes.  Not everyone was treated like a suspect.  It seems we have become ok with the slow death of our liberty.

I can remember, sitting in the smoking section of a restaurant with my parents. Not so long ago when you had a choice to enter a smoking restaurant or not.  That choice has been revoked, taken away…. Did you notice?

In the days and weeks and years of recent history we have let our lawmakers take our freedom and our liberty.  We are not even allowed the pursuit of happiness, unless it is acceptable to our government.  

Now as we look upon another 4th of July with less freedom than the one before, the general public seems happy with the bread and circuses we have been handed.  Save for a handful of folks who remember freedom and know that we have given up more than our founders even intended.

As you grill your hotdogs and watch the pretty fireworks in the sky take a moment talk to your kids of true freedom.  Remind them that to be free is to have the right and the responsibility of your own choices.  To be free, really free, means to take a level of personal responsibility that is not seen in the world anymore.

Have a happy and safe holiday! 

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  1. I remember!
    Thank you for the reminder of all we lost in the name of "protection".
    I enjoyed this piece very much.
    Happy 4th to you.