Monday, August 19, 2013

A Bright New Homeschool Year.

A Bright New Homeschool Year.

As I am starting 7th grade in the face, it is hard to reconcile the sweet little boy who gives me hugs with the kids I see coming home from the local middle school.

Once again, I am aware that I made the best decision for my family.   My little boy is now 11 and blossoming into a bright and friendly young man.  He has excelled again, so we will be doing pre-Algebra this year.  Keeping with previous years, I have chosen Calvert School for our curriculum.  Now I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the box of books that will start us on our new journey.  

Each year I am privileged to enjoy my child being hungry to learn and grow.   I get to teach him and know what he is learning.  At dinner I smile as he replays the school day for his father.  As a family we discuss projects and field trips.  

Excitedly, I am doing my preparation for the year.  I am looking back at last years work seeing how much he has grown;  knowing how much he learned.  Now as I wrap up our summertime studies we are more than ready to get on to our bright new school year.

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