Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Even If.....

Friendship is more than pressing like on a Facebook status.   I have met tons of amazing people on Facebook, Miio and other social networking sites, people that I have created bonds with.   Men and women who I pray for and care about their lives.  Being a homeschooling and single car family, I don’t get out much.  Ok, let’s be honest here, I am a homebody and I am afraid of crowds, so I stay in my safe zone.  

Years ago I was blessed to meet a group of ladies who really make me feel like a part of a wild extended family.   We live all over the country.  We laugh, cry and share our lives.    If I had the money, I would bring them all here for a visit.  (yep, homebody).   They were my sanity when I moved 2600 miles from home and lost contact with my friends back home.   They all kept my chin up when my husband (our only income) was unemployed for six months.   I love this group of ladies like sisters.  We are all different and come from varied backgrounds but we all share our joys and sorrows.  

I have long been a pretty social person (homebody issues notwithstanding), and when I moved, I craved adult interaction outside of my little family.   In doing so I have found a group of people who have become close friends.   It’s nice to have people to invite over for dinner, and go out with.   We have met amazing couples and I have met some wonderful ladies.   They have all been warm and friendly.  

All in all, my friends, both virtual and close at hand, make me a better person.   They all make me remember diversity, kindness and joy.  For the most part they love me…..

Even if I can’t spell.  Yep, I can’t spell.  Spell check has been known to tell me to get a clue. I don’t use commas correctly, oh, and we won’t even get into my love of the :) and ellipses…

Even if...   Yep, I have an issue, I tend to tell it like it is.  It’s not always the best of ideas, but hey, it’s who I am.  I call ‘em how I see ‘em and let the chips fall how they may.   I have however learned in my years to temper my statements with kindness.  

Even if….  I am a big ‘ol Pagan.   I tell ya I really had a fear of moving from CA to NC and having to hide who I am.   I decided early on to just be me.  Although it has lead to some interesting conversations and even a few lessons, I have been met with kindness and no one has burned me at the stake yet.

I guess my point here is that friendship requires that you overlook flaws and differences, and to be a friend you have to accept a person for who they are, not who you want them to be  

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