Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome 2014

Welcome 2014

Well, we have begun another year.  Thank you for taking the time over the last year to read my blog and share in my thoughts and feelings.  I am hoping to gear up for another year of my
honest assessment on life and such.

I am not making any silly resolutions this year.  I am not going to go on about dropping weight or working out.  However, I am going to make some changes.   Because I have a new calendar, it’s a good time to lay out some life changes that I have been contemplating.  

I want to spend more time outside with my family.  I think for this I need a new hat because the sun and I just don’t get along.  We, as a family, want to spend time being outdoors and doing things that do not involve being plugged in.

Spend more quality time reading.  This is my true escape, and I am currently working on the classics as well as some fun romances for my girly side.  Also, adding more nonfiction to my collection.  I am going to learn with my leasure time. I am afraid if I don’t, my brain will start a long, slow death.  

Take some time and learn something in the new year; go outside and spend time with your kids and leave your cell phone at home.   Unplugging might be painful at first, but then becomes a freeing experience, at least, I hope.  

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