Friday, August 14, 2015

What A Ride

I have been so sporadic about keeping up my blog. If you are still following me then you get kudos in my book.  I have to share some of the amazing things going on here at Casa G.  

It seems hard to believe we have been in our house over a year.  As a homeschooling mom, I was glad to have moved during a down time in our “school year”; yet, before I knew it, I realized that Caleb and I had not had any activities outside of the house in a few months and I set out to find us some new friends with which to hang out.

After researching groups I found the amazing folks at Wake Forest Homeschoolers.  As usual, I jumped in with both feet and, after meeting and being accepted into the group, I was suddenly attending a co-op with Caleb and assisting in a class.  When the next co-op period came around I found myself teaching!  Next thing I know I am the Secretary for the group and Caleb and Tony were building a website.

Of course I am an overachiever and had to create a blog for this group.  So I have found myself writing again after such a long time.  It has been a bit crazy. I am now writing blogs, attending board meetings and teaching co-op classes. What a busy and fun time.  

Not to be outdone, my husband has become a volunteer fire fighter-even attending calls on holidays and such. He has been busy with training and building their website.

Caleb is taking a webmaster course online and has become the webmaster for the Wake Forest Homeschoolers website. I can’t believe we are starting 9th grade.  He has become such a bright and amazing kid.  He will be in his first community theater play this fall.  I know he is loath to admit it but I think he is enjoying the process.

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