Monday, August 31, 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

The wind has changed. The weather is turning cooler. The leaves are starting to change color. Everything seems to be changing.  The days are getting shorter and the time change is almost upon us.  Soon we will not be working in the garden after dinner, and it will be time to break out the fire wood.

Anyone who has known me for anytime at all knows I am a fan of fall.  I love how the leaves change color; I love the cooler temps and the warm nights by the fire.   Having a reason to wear my sweaters and my fuzzy jammie pants are all things that make me a happy gal.

Now with the cooler temps comes fall co-op and my son’s birthday. How can it be that he will be 14 this November 1st.  It could not have been that long. Time is passing so fast.  I want to freeze this moment in time and enjoy it.  Starting “9th” grade is such an accomplishment.  I love seeing the spark stir into a fire when he is working out a difficult math problem or when he gets into a book and chatters about it excitedly.

Caleb on his rocking horse
That said this is our busy season so down time is at a premium and I will be taking full advantage of every second of it.  I enjoy are family dinners and date nights at home.   All of this is time for me to recharge for the busy homeschool times.  I am lucky to have a supportive husband who jumps in and helps when he can.  

Teamwork is key here at Casa G.  We have learned that when we pull together as a team we can accomplish just about anything.  We have moved mounds of dirt for our fall garden, we have overcome great math obstacles, and even slayed the dragon of time by stealing some for family dinners and movie night.

So bring on the fall- busy schedules and all. We can deal with it and come out better and stronger.  It’s just how we roll.


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