Thursday, October 1, 2015

Row Row Row Your Boat

Grey.  That is the best way to describe the recent weather.  Oh and wet.  Grey, wet and humid.  I am beginning to think that bright orb in the sky will never return. An entire weekend of plans have been scrapped and suddenly I am left at odds.  

I enjoy weather and I love a good storm but there is a limit to my enjoyment of rain.  I think I have now found it. I don’t remember when we had our last sunny day.  My indoor plants are crying for some sun.  

My poor indoor/outdoor cats are climbing the walls, they miss their time outside.  Hell even my son and I (both lovers of the indoors) miss the ability to go outside and enjoy the fall.  80 and humid is not fall weather.  It’s just not.  Where are my crisp fall days?  Where are my chilly fall evenings?  I am sure they are somewhere.  Just not here.

Today is at least cooler.  I think it might call for a pot of chili to celebrate.  Today I will clean up the house so I can be ready to be gone all day tomorrow.  First I think I need another cup of coffee.