Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On weight loss and life

As I sit on the table at the doctor’s office and wait to hear what he has to say, I know it’s going to be the same thing I hear all the time.  My blood pressure is great, YAY!  All my blood work looks way better than expected, YAY again!! Then he tells me that one thing I dread hearing… “You need to loose weight!”  Here we go again. 

I am not sure how I got to 300ish pounds.  I know it was not something I wanted and I knew I was gaining back the 50lbs I had tried so hard to loose, so here we go again.  I have to take the weight off.  Over 130lbs is what I have to loose.  Now we get down to the how.  I have choices:  Weight loss surgery, diet, exercise and medical weight loss clinic are all part of the choices I have.   I knew he was going to want to talk about the surgery again, I knew it!!

So I headed home and waited until my husband finished dinner.  Now we have to talk about what I am going to do.  Anything I do affects my whole house, so we need to have this conversation.  He has always been supportive when I am trying to loose weight.  Last time was 50 lbs, the time before I had lost 80.  Every single time I do get a good plan going, something happens.  The last time it was the loss of our only income source.

I have decided that at least for now, I am going to skip the Gastric Bypass and see how much of this I can take off without surgery.  I have enlisted www.myfitnesspal.com to help me out.  I can keep track of what I eat and how much I move.   Getting off my butt is the best way for me to loose this weight so here I go again. 

I am lucky to have a strong support circle of people who are willing to take this journey with me.  My kids are supportive, as is my husband.  My mom tells me everyday how proud she is that I am making positive changes.  My friends online both near and far, are all being very supportive. 

So what’s next?  Now I have to get this weight off, I have to follow through with my plan, I have to make healthy choices and get off my butt.  I can’t worry about what happened in the past.  Today is what matters in my weight loss journey.   


  1. Go, Heather! Awesome attitude about not worrying "about what happened in the past." I would encourage you not to see this as a "diet" or even a "weight loss" journey. Try to view it as a lifestyle change - that way it's really about ALWAYS, not just a "diet." I have this on my computer, so I see it everyday - "This is not a diet, THIS IS YOUR LIFE." I'm here for you if you ever need to reach out to someone who understands!

  2. I am one of those supporters that you mentioned. I like the idea that looking at this new act as a new "life" AND as a "journey" will be quite rewarding!
    GO GO GO! :D