Saturday, March 10, 2012

More than one day of “I love you”

Now that I am older, and perhaps a bit wiser, I have learned that I don't need a box of candy or a bouquet of flowers to know my husband loves me. In fact a houseplant would be a better show of his love. Heck, doing the dishes or a load of laundry would be better than a box of candy. Taking a walk with me at sunset around the lake would do more to win adoration.

Flowers wither and die, candy is gone and forgotten, but making sure our son gets to bed on time when I am not feeling well is just down right sexy. Letting me sleep in while he gets up and deals with the cats and kids: that is romance.

My husband and I have a date night just about every week. Sometimes it's a fancy dinner out, but more often than not it's a late night dinner at home with candles and music. It's time for us to just be a couple. This is not something we do once a year, it is a commitment we made to each other to spend time as a couple.

So go ahead and spend the money and get a card; the thought is nice and who does not like to be told they are loved. But take a moment and make sure that this is not the ONLY day you add a little extra romance in your life.  

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