Saturday, March 10, 2012

When a day just get's worse

I started the day out of spoons. The day before was hard on me and I was very tried. I kissed my mom and my son goodbye and sent them on their way. Of course this is not before I helped her with a piece of furniture that did not want to fit in her car. In the end I had to take it apart.

After she left I wanted to go to sleep. That was not going to happen I had to take a shower. I needed to do some laundry and iron my husbands clothes for work. There were dishes to be done. Now I am in debt to tomorrows spoons and I have not even gotten near my ten-thousand steps for the day.

Of course my day could not have stopped there. It just would not be me unless more drama happened. My teenager called and she wants me to talk to a teacher she is having issues with. Of course this can't wait until tomorrow. Then she needed to get her car jumped and as tired as I was I was looking forward to a nice quiet afternoon.

I had asked my daughter to run to the store to get me some eggs so that I could make some banana bread, as baking seems to calm me. However when she got home she had to help the friend who jumped her car, change his tire. This of course meant extra teenagers in my house and me out in the rain trying to help them.

So it did not get better as I made dinner and melted the funnel with hot oil, I am lucky I did not burn myself. I ended the day by heading to bed only to realize that I had to go back downstairs to start the dishwasher so I could empty it in the morning.

As I sit hear listening to the not so quiet hum of the dishwasher I had to finish this blog and give a silent shout out to the universe hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. @H

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