Monday, September 16, 2013

Not stuck in a box

So, I have been reading other homeschool blogs and I am always amazed at the number of them who have had to post about socialization.  Let’s face it, you are already bucking the system if you unplug your child from the matrix, so many people figure you are going to ruin their lives by them never interacting with other people….ever.

As for me, I did deal with this.  My mom was concerned that my son would have no friends.  That he would not learn to deal with other people.   I just never worried about it.   From the time he was born, he was exposed to people of all ages.   My husband taught karate for years, and in doing so, Caleb, from an early age, had kids around from every age group, plus adults to interact with.   As a result of this, his vocabulary blossomed and he has shown an amazing ability to interact with people of all ages, at their level.

Now that is not to say he does not act his age.  Trust me, there are days when I am very aware of his 11, almost 12, years on this planet.   Watching Pokemon, or laughing over fart jokes, really reminds me he is a boy after all.   That said ,he can carry on a meaningful conversation with an adult about current events, and talk intelligently about  a wide range of subjects.   

My child is a fan of Minecraft, as a result, he interacts with people of all ages, and frankly, most assume he is much older, until they hear his voice.   This has happened on several occasions, and some of the results have been amusing.

I am not a member of any co-ops, we don’t have music lessons or other activities, but he seems to be social all the same. He knows all our neighbors, more so than my husband and I.   Having two older sisters who never played down to him, he learned early that he has to play at the level of the people he is with.  

Nope I don’t worry about if he will learn to take turns, or wait in line, or if he will learn to respect other’s beliefs, because he already does.    

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