Friday, September 6, 2013

Random Reflection

Friday is exciting to me, not because it ends the work week but because it means two days with my boys.   After almost 15 years with my husband you would think I would get bored or not be excited to spend time with him.  In fact the opposite is true.  

We have lived here for almost five years.  Five years ago, my husband took a leap of faith and moved with me to North Carolina.   Three months from decision to leave California until our arrival here in Clayton, North Carolina.   The move was not easy, and the first few years were hard on all of us, but I would not change it for the world.  

When I gave up working for being a stay-at-home mom, I was sure that I was going to screw it up; but it seems that despite my shortcomings my son is learning and growing.   Our family has grown closer and stronger.   We have learned to work as a team.   What started out feeling strange now fits like the most comfortable shoe.

Our family seems to have hit a happy place.  Everyone is exercising and eating better.  My husband and I are exposing our son to all types of performance arts, and we have started homeschool grade 7.  

We have found some wonderful friends here in NC, and enjoy having people to dinner or throwing a party.  Spending time with each other is still our favorite activity.

So bring on the rest of the year.  We have things to enjoy, and time to enjoy it  

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  1. This made me smile!! :) So glad that you guys are in a happy place!!